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Encantadia (Synopsis.Characters.Plot.Actress)

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Hari ni nak kongsi entri yang santai-santai saja hehe. Hari sabtu kan, mungkin ramai blogger keluar jalan-jalan sehari suntuk. Terutamanya yg berada di bandar Kota Kinabalu, confirm berpusu-pusu pergi Karnival Jom Heboh 2011 hehe. Okey, ada sesiapa sini layan drama tagalog? Mehh boleh geng with me hehe. Setiap malam jam 11 mesti dah sedia duduk depan TV nak tengok drama Filipino, Encantadia. Walaupun umur dah sweet 16 (perasan), saya masih suka cerita fantasi yg mengarut-ngarut hehe. Perghhh bila saya godek-godek info Encantadia, wahhh banyak episod dan siri rupanya. Ada Encantadia: The Second Saga jugak, macam Twilight lah pulak hehe.

Dalam cerita Encantadia ni, mengisahkan tentang dunia bidadari dengan dunia manusia. Dunia biadadari diperintah oleh seorang Ratu Bidadari. Ratu tak boleh kawen, tapi boleh ada anak. pelik sungguh hehe dunia bidadari yg dikenali sebagai Encantadia bergantung dengan kekuatan empat biji permata yg sangat berkuasa, iaitu kuasa api, air, tanah, dan angin. Dalam dunia bidadari tu bukan aman sentiasa, kalau aman sentiasa, mestilah tak syok jalan cerita sebab tiada watak antagonis hehe. Anak-anak Ratu Bidadari terdiri daripada Amihan, Pirena, Danaya dan Alena. Sudah semestinya kalau ada watak heroin cantik, harus ada watak hero kacak lagi macho, siapa lagi kalau bukan hero drama Marimar hehe Okey, drama ni dah lama sebenarnya since 2005 dan banyak versi until 2010, tapi baru ditayangkan di saluran berbayar Astro Prima di Malaysia.

Info lanjut berkaitan drama Encantadia:
1. Encantadia characters (watak encantadia)

  • Sunshine Dizon as Pirena: she is one of Queen Mine-a's daughters and the keeper of the gem of fire; mother of Mira
  • Iza Calzado as Amihan: one of Queen Minea's daughters and the successor to the crown. She is the mother of Lira and her father is Raquim. She once live in the world of human together with her father. She was taken by Aquil to Lireo when her father was killed by Hagorn.She is the keeper of the gem of wind
  • Diana Zubiri as Danaya: one of Queen Mine-a's daughters; keeper of the gem of earth; she will also be the queen of Lireo.
  • Karylle as Alena: one of Queen Mine-a's daughters; the keeper of the gem of water. She fell in love with Ybarro/Ybrahim.
  • Dingdong Dantes as Ybrahim: he was first known as Ybarro, a bandit who instantly fell inlove to Alena. As the episodes go on, he was revealed as the prince of Sapiro, Prince Ybrahim. He was chosen as the father of the daughter of Queen Amihan, Lira.
  • see more characters encantadia at  HERE

2. Encantadia episodes click HERE

3. Encantadia synopsis
Enter and journey through the enchanting realm of Encantadia - a magical world divided into four kingdoms: Adamya, home of the Adamyans; Sapiro, land of the Sapiryans: Lireo, realm of the Diwatas, and Hathoria, domain of the Hathors. The peace and balance of Encantadia rest on the power of four precious stones- the gemstones of water, earth, wind and fire.

Directed by Mark Reyes and Gil Tejada Jr., Encantadia brings viewers to a completely different world of fairies, brave warriors lovable mythical creatures, and ferocious fiends. This most expensive production ever undertaken by a local TV network showcases Filipino creativity, artistry, craftmanship, and ingenuity at its best, from its glowing and fantastic sets elaborately designed gowns and warrior costumes worn by the show’s lead stars.

The best creative minds and talents in the TV industry today were pooled together to form the teleseryes brilliant production team. They painstakingly created the elaborate world of Encantadia- from the grand throne room and place of worship in Lireo to the dark and dismal domain of Hathoria. Noteworthy is the construction of a studio in a 2,000 square meter warehouse in Pasig— believed to be the first of its kind in Philippine television.

The costumes, makeup and props are likewise colorful and intricately designed. Also, it is the first production to make use of animatronic puppets and other visual wizardry never before seen on local TV.

More than the dazzling visuals, Encantadia’s story has captivated viewers from day one. In the beginning, the inhabitants of Encantadia were living in peace until the Hathors decided to get hold of all the gemstones in order to conquer the whole of Encantadia. The other kingdoms then decide to entrust the four stones to Ynang Reyna until the time comes for her to turn over the gems to one of her four Diwata daughrters. Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya.

Ultimately, the certainty of wars end and the return of peace in Encantadia rely on power greater than magic, the power of love.

4. Encantadia drama plot and storyline
Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy television series (locally known as telefantasya) produced by GMA Network. It was dubbed as the grandest, most ambitious, and most expensive production for Philippine television.The series garnered both popular and critical recognition at home and abroad, including winning the 2005 Teleserye (Television Series) of the Year at the Los Angeles-based Gawad Amerika Awards. The pilot episode was aired on May 2, 2005. Its last episode was aired on December 9 of the same year to give way to its second book, Etheria. This series aired its pilot episode on December 12, and its last episode on February 18, 2006. The third and latest installment of the Encantadia saga, Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas, aired its pilot on February 20, 2006, but it was apparently not a last installment. There will be a fourth installment of the Encantadia saga, Encantadia: Isang Bagong Mundo, in October 2010. This was confirmed already by GMA Network itself.

Encantadia can be considered a spin-off of Mulawin, another successful GMA telefantasya wherein the Diwatas of Lireo first appeared as allies of the Mulawins. However, it seems that the timelines between the two shows do not connect together even though they share some characters and some story elements. The writer mentioned that Encantadia has its own story and is not related to the storyline of the Mulawin TV series.

Encantadia was first mentioned in Mulawin as a separate dimension where the encantados (enchanted beings) and diwatas live. In Mulawin, only few Encantadians were introduced and the whole world of Encantadia was not yet known but in this television series, the world of the Encantadia was expanded into four kingdoms and several new creatures and characters were introduced. Also, in Mulawin, it appears that only Diwatas can create a portal between Encantadia and the human world but in this series the Tree of Asnamon serves as a portal between the two worlds to anyone who holds the magical medallion.

Encantadia is a term coined from the Filipino words "enkanto", "enkanta", "enkantada", or "enkantado" (which was in turn derived from the Spanish term), which means enchanted beings endowed with supernatural powers.

In the show, Encantadia is a vast enchanted realm comprising of four divided kingdoms where different mythical entities thrive. These four kingdoms bear the four precious stones that hold the land's balance. The queendom of Lireo,the kingdom Sapiro, Adamya, and Hathoria. The tranquility and future of Encantadia rests on the four gemstones of water, earth, air and fire; each being carefully kept by the bearers from each kingdom.

But when the Hathors, from the kingdom of Hathoria threatened to accumulate all the gems from the other bearers, hostility and war swept over the realm. It is a battle of three kingdoms against one.

The story unfolds in Lireo, the queendom where Ynang Reyna (Queen Mother) Mine-a lives with her daughters Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya. The four Sangg'res are tasked to be the new keepers of the gemstones. Their skills in war and their powers as the royalty of the diwatas are believed to be the strength of Lireo. As long as the gemstones are kept properly, the balance of nature in Encantadia remains. But this story tells viewers that powers can also break precious relationships as Pirena had plotted the downfall of her own sister Amihan, who won the competition for the Lirean crown, and the other Sangg'res Danaya and Alena took Amihan's side.

With this situation, Lira, the long lost daughter of Amihan returned to Encantadia and tried to fulfill her mission of mending the broken relationships of the strong-willed gemstone keepers.

The main protagonists
The story revolves around the four Sang'gres of Lireo, the center of worship in Encantadia - Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya. Pirena is the eldest daughter of Mine-a, the queen of Lireo, and Hagorn, the main antoganist of the story. She is the keeper of the jewel of fire and longs to be queen. Amihan is the second eldest and the daughter of Mine-a and Raquim, Mine-a's true love. She is the keeper of the jewel of wind and Mine-a chooses her to be the queen. This makes Pirena really mad, so she turns against the Diwatas and joins her evil father Hagorn. Alena is the third eldest daughter of Mine-a (Alena and Danaya's father is not revealed until Etheria). Alena is the keeper of the jewel of water. She falls in love with a man named Ybaro, who turns out to be the prince of the fallen kingdom of Sapiro, whose real name is Ybrahim. But there is some drama... Amihan also likes Ybaro! Anyways, Danaya is the youngest of her sisters. She is the keeper of the jewel of earth and is a feisty girl who never liked Pirena. Later in the series, Danaya becomes the new queen of Lireo.

For other places featured on the show, see List of places in Encantadia.

The land of the Diwatas is the Queendom of Lireo, bounded on the east. The wise, strong, brave and powerful Cassiopea was the first ruler and founder of Lireo. Cassiopea helped, reluctantly using the Jewel, with the extinction of Etheria and later became a representative of Lireo at the Council of Encantadia. At the start of the series, the ruler was Mine-a who was succeeded by her daughter Amihan. The ruler of Lireo carries either the title of Reyna or Ynang Reyna if she is already with sons/daughters. This kingdom is the keeper of the Jewel of Air. Lireo had 10 Queens during the series.

Lireo is considered the most progressive among the kingdoms. Their kingdom is obviously powered by a large windmill. They have the tallest towers and also seem to have cable cars in the palace. Their armies are the only ones who have Sasakyang Panghimpapawid (Airships). Their most powerful weapon of war is the Katapulto (fire catapult).

On the Northern part of Encantadia is the Kingdom of Sapiro. The land of valiant, shrewd and cunning warriors, the Sapirians. At the start of the series, this vast kingdom was under the rule of King Armeo, his wife and queen Mayne, and his future heir Prince Ybrahim (also named Ybarro). This kingdom is the original keeper of the Jewel of Earth, the land blessed with precious metals and stones and its soil fertile enough for crops to grow. This also is the kingdom from where Prince Raquim, King Armeo's cousin and Amihan's father, hails from. It is also the kingdom that rescued the Adamians from the clutches of the Hathors during the time of their conquest. In that conquest, the Hathors got hold of two of the jewels and used this advantage to defeat the Sapirians who had but one gemstone. The whole kingdom was destroyed in that battle. King Armeo was also killed later in the fight with King Arvak, the Hathorian king at that time and the father of the present king Hagorn. But Arvak was killed by Prince Raquim, regained the gemstones and gave it to his wife Queen Mine-a of Lireo for safeskeeping. Armeo's father, King Meno, helped the extinction of Etheria and became a member of the Council of Encantadia. So far, there are only two known surviving Sapirians from the Royal House: Ybrahim, the next heir to the throne, and Asval, a strange and mysterious warrior (whose real loyalties are uncertain and turned out to be a traitor) who was always with his two accomplices Bandok and Axilom.

The Sapirians are closely similar to the Diwatas, they can also teleport themselves to another place and shoot out blast bolts from their hands. However, they are more hostile, more cunning and shrewder than the denizens of Lireo. They have the ability to heal themselves or others of a disease or any kinds of wounds. In contrast to Lirean royalty, Sapirian royalty is very much akin to the traditional patriarchal definition of an absolute monarchy. This means the eldest son of the king is next in line to rule the mystical kingdom. The Sapirian king is allowed to love whoever he wants to love and choose his wife but the difference from the Diwatas is that their race is dominated by men.

The Sapirians are best known for their unmatched skills in swordsmanship and archery. They are also proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Sapirians also have incredible strength, which they draw all their powers from. They are very shrewd and cunning, making them great allies and very dangerous enemies in battle that even the Hathors fear them, but despite these abilities Sapirians are friendly and kind-hearted.

The Sapirians are also involved in the founding of the kingdom of Lireo. The land where Lireo stands was once a forest where Prince Raquim brought the Diwatas to hide under Evades' protection during Queen Avria's great purge against the Diwatas. It was here that they found refuge and peace. Cassiopeia declared it Lireo. Until the war that brought down Etheria, Lireo flourished as a powerful kingdom next to Sapiro.

There are four tribes on Sapiro:

1.Adjantao : the land of the nomads
2.Ascano : the land of the Barbaros
3.Yudo-o : not much is known, but Rosas from Book 3 is said to be the last of her tribe.
4.Arnon : the tribe of Azulan (book 3), a mortal who fell in love with Amihan disguised as a powerful prince, the twin warriors Luntian and Violeta and the Adamian Dilawan.
Sapirians would be later revealed as miners. This would explain the riches they have hidden underground the caverns. They also produce the best wine in Encantadia.

Situated in the Southern tip of Encantadia, the Kingdom of Adamya is the home of the little people or prairies. These small yet intelligent creatures are called Adamians and are the keepers of the Jewel of Water. The kingdom is headed by its wise and faithful ruler Imaw, who possesses a staff that enables him to look into the past of a particular person it can also enable him to see current events he can also wield its awesome powers (it seems that the staff is a kind of history book compressed into a single object). Imaw's father Aegen helped the extinction of Etheria and became a member of the Council of Encantadia. Its dissidents, the Adamyans, are also friends to the two other dissidents in Encantadia as well as to the Mandirigmas particularly because of their friendly nature and great wisdom.

The Adamyans are also known for being hard working farmers. They have a vast plantation and beautiful beaches (for their kingdom is very near to the lake/sea/ocean of Adamya) in their kingdom. They seem to only gather food every time without a care in the world.

During one of Encantadia's most turbulent epoch, the Kingdom of Adamya was overpowered by the Hathors' conquest to seize the Water Gem from its keeper. In the battle that transpired, a majority of the little denizens of Adamya died.

On the western border is the Kingdom of Hathoria where the militaristic, vicious and power-famished Hathors abound, it is described as a dark, gloomy kingdom that is also full of decay. They are the keepers of the Jewel of Fire. It is home to many dangerous beings, bounded by treacherous terrains and caverns. Hathors are known throughout encantadia for their prowess in battle and superior knowledge of the arts of war (only the Sapirians are more cunning and more war-like). During the latter half of his reign, the Hathorian King Arvak embarked on a campaign of conquest to steal all four elemental jewels that would signal the start of a chaotic era in the history of Encantadia. Arvak's ancient predecessor, Bartimus, had a hand in the extinction of Etheria and became a member of the Council (Konseho) of Encantadia. After Arvak died during the fall of Sapiro, his son and successor Hagorn ascended the throne and continued his work.

Hathors multiply every time Encantadia's two moons are simultaneously full. The Hathorian king and a good number of his followers go to Balaak, their place of multiplication. There the King performs a ritual wherein his blood is drunk by Hathors. The "anointed" Hathors are then left inside Balaak for seven days to spontaneously multiply.

Hathors are known to be the most spiritually connected with their ancestors. They have rituals in which the current king would be able to talk with a chosen ancestor. They are also the only people from Encantadia who is not blessed with long age. They grow old and die like humans.

In their battle against Lireo, Hathors were found to have flier commandos. These units were equipped with skydiving gears to attack and board Lirean airships. Their most powerful weapon in war is the Cannon.

The most powerful kingdom in the dawn of Encantadia, Etheria is located in the center of the land. Surrounded by its neighboring kingdoms, it is the capital kingdom of Encantadia. Also, in the ancient times, Etheria was the most feared and most powerful kingdom throughout Encantadia.

Etheria is divided into four districts, or Heras, in Enchanta. These Heras are homes to the four guardians of the Golden Hourglass. Hera Andal, citadel of Etheria and center of medicine in the kingdom, is led by the powerful Queen Avria. Its denizens are well-gifted, not only in healing, but also in using disease and illness in war. It is located in the center of Etheria. Hera Sensa, located west of Hera Andal, is home to Andora and the other mind-benders of Encantadia. Hera Volo, source of Hera Andal's warriors, is located just a little west from the Lireo-Etheria boundary. It is home to the time-benders in Etheria capable of manipulating the pace of time. It is also home to the most powerful warrior of Etheria, Juvila. And Hera Aega, south of Etheria and far from the bustling districts of Hera Andal, Hera Sensa and Hera Volo, is a tribe of the warriors women who can change the emotions of anyone they desire. This is where Odessa lives.

Etheria was reborn by the birth of the last Sang'gre, Cassandra, and was destroyed by the four Sang'gres, Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya

5. Encantadia video trailer click HERE
6. Encantadia Free watch online at HERE or at Youtube you can see more video

*KATA HATI: Ada tak buku Encantadia ni ekkk? kalau ada mesti tiada versi Malay..hehe kalau ada jual DVD Encantadia pun, okey jgk kot hehe. Kan best kalau pandai bahasa tagalog. Oh ya, sumber info kat atas saya godek kat Google, TQ (^_^)


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